U255C   4 + 1 VMC


Innovative Design Concepts

  • The new U Series 5 Axis Machining Center gives your workshop the versatility to machine smaller less expensive components without the expense or large footprint of a swivel head machine.

  • Double arm supported A/C axes.

  • Using the integrated trunnion table design is the easiest upgrade path for 3 Axis machine workshops as the approach to part tooling is very similar and reduces the training time required for your operators.

  • The X, Y, and Z axis on this machine all feature heavy duty roller type linear guideways to maintain precision positioning under rapid movement and heavy loading.


* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

Standard Features
  • Custom Macro B (User Definable)

  • Twin Arm 24 Tool ATC

  • Tool Change Time (Tool To Tool) 2.5 sec.

  • Tool Change Time (Chip to Chip) 6.0 sec.

  • Portable Manual pulse generator

  • Massive One-piece Meehanite cast iron bed

  • Chip Auger

  • 4th Axis Prep (no amplifier)

  • Double Anchored, Pre-tensioned Ballscrews

  • Fast 1,181 IPM Rapid Traverse rate

  • Fast 33.3 RPM A Axis

  • Fast 33.3 RPM C Axis

  • Work light

  • Operator call lamp (red, yellow, green)

  • Spindle load meter

  • Assembly and operation tools

  • Auto Power Off

  • 10,000 rpm I.D.D. spindle

  • Roller type linear guides on 3 axes

  • Spindle oil cooler

  • Full-enclosed splash guard

  • Spindle air blast system

  • Telescope covers on 3 axes

  • Pneumatic system

  • Automatic lubrication system

  • Coolant flushing device

  • Oil-coolant separator

  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet

  • Instruction manual, parts list, and electrical diagram

  • Fanuc operator and maintenance manuals

  • WARRANTY-MACHINE:   One-Year  Parts Only

  • WARRANTY-CONTROL:  Two-Years Parts and Labor

Why U need the U Series 5 Axis:
The new U Series 5 Axis Machining Center gives your workshop the versatility to machine smaller less expensive components without the expense or large floor plans of a swivel head machine.

Perfect for Small Batch Production:

If you need to machine less expensive components economically, the trunnion type 5 axis machine is the perfect choice as it delivers greater machining volume compared to more expensive swivel head machines.

Extended Undercut Capability:
The U series machine delivers 120 trunnion swivel which allows you to complete components in a single set up without the repositioning that could be required on other machines.

Greater Working Volume within a smaller space:
As the movement is handled by the worktable rotation, there is no need for a large working area to accommodate a swivel head. You can save on space as well as costs.

Higher Cutting Speed Longer Tool Life:
With the 5 Axis design, you use shorter tools that can be oriented toward the cutting surface. This means that you cause less stress to the cutting tools at high speeds and can prolong cutting tool life, saving your money.

Unique I.D.D. Spindle Design:

Ceramic ball bearing in the spindle to carry out high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity, and also provides longer service life. Direct-driven spindle motor ensures better torque transmission, decreased noise and backlash, and reduced vibration. Inline, direct-driven spindle that is coupled directly to the motor provides smooth operations for excellent surface finishes, and is equipped with a spindle oil cooler which reduces operating heat for greater thermal stability.


Complex Shape Machining One Set Up:

For prototyping, you can machine extremely complex shapes directly from a solid block, so you have no need to first go through a casting process and then machining. This drastically reduces your production time and save you significant money on the casting part of the process.


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