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41.3" x 20.8" x 30.7"

The CPV Box Way Series of Vertical Machining Centers is designed for heavy cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. Classic manufacturing methods and ultra rigid construction are combined with advanced technological features to provide exceptional value. Constructed with high quality Meehanite cast iron and heat treated to relieve stress thereby assuring maximum rigidity and accuracy.

  • Box ways on all 3 axes greatly upgrades stability and dampening capability.

  • Automatic lubrication unit with intelligent pressure failure detection function provides reliable supply for saving cost and for environmental protection.

  • Oil-coolant separation design which meets the environment protection requirements allows centralized collection for all way oil.


* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

  • Balanced 12,000 RPM Spindle with 6000 BTU spindle oil cooler for High Speed Machining.

  • Hardened and Ground C3 Double Nut Ballscrews (Ø40 mm) are pre-tensioned to minimize backlash, provide high precision movement, and reduce heat deformation on all axes.

  • All solid ways are coated with high grade Turcite-B. Hardened and ground slideways give an extra 40% wear resistance.

  • 2 Solid Box Ways are on a one-piece base instead of two supporting ways connected to the main base, which provides more rigidity under heavy machining.

  • Main frame is made of Meehanite casting for superior rigidity

The bed is a rigid one-piece casting with heavy ribbing to prevent deformation during heavy cutting. Fine grain Meehanite cast iron is used for its excellent dampening characteristics. Extra wide boxways provide excellent support for the saddle, regardless of the load distribution on the table. The table is fully supported by the saddle in all positions. There is no table overhang. The rigid box type column casting is heavily ribbed to prevent twisting or distortion.

The high speed, 12,000 RPM, 40 taper spindle is a true cartridge type unit supported by precision class bearings that are permanently grease lubricated. The spindle is driven by a high torque 25 HP A.C. motor delivering an impressive 132 ft/lbs. Power is transferred through a heavy-duty cogged drive belt eliminating slippage, promoting thermal stability, and minimizing vibration. An encoder is attached to the spindle to allow rigid tapping.

Wide Box ways are used for unsurpassed long-term rigidity and accuracy. Each guideway is induction hardened and precision ground. Turcite is bonded to the mating way surfaces and then hand scraped to ensure perfect fit and tolerances. The Turcite resin with forced way lubrication provides a low friction surface and virtually eliminates guideway wear. All guideways are fully protected from chips and damage.


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