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Proof from Excellent Consumers


They know best how good we are.

The staff members of Campro R&D Department have more than 10 years of machine tool R&D experience. Customer needs are our foremost priority. With this in mind, we built an R&D team that possesses a unique and innovative spirit. 5% of our annual turnover is allocated yearly as funding for research, in order to promote independent R&D capabilities and make continual improvements to the precision and functionality of various CNC machine tools. Whether it is a belt-driven spindle or a direct-drive built-in spindle of high speed and high torque, we are able to provide customization according to customer needs. We have also successfully developed the “All-Geared Gear Head”, and brought its characteristic of heavy cutting capacity into full play.

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R&D Design Tools

Precise simulation at the design stage “Cam” and “Pro” are short for “Computer-aided manufacturing” and “Professional” respectively. Beginning with its name, Campro conveys its intentions to achieve the most “professional” performance in the manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools.

Product R&D Process

CPMS PDM and ERP System Managed Picture Files / Information

  • Taiwan / Shanghai plant information collated under the Parent Company

  • TRetrieval and storage of picture files and information are strictly regulated


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