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100% Precision and Solve It in One Shot


Campro has a very comprehensive product line; besides CNC vertical machining centers and lathes, it has also expanded the product line to in clued large-scale machinery models such as turning centers, double-column machining centers above 5 meters, horizontal machining centers, 5-axis machining centers etc. We follow global industrial trends and continue to boost the domestic and export markets.

Furthermore, in response to market demands, Campro has integrated products and services for service-oriented manufacturing. Steered by customer needs, each machine tool is uniquely tailored and produced to match customers’ requirements. Seize regional environmental advantages, lower costs and realize your target of value for money all at the same time. Solve your problems in one single shot.


Management Philosophy

The company culture of CAMPRO is founded on its philosophy, which branches out into five core values: Quality First, Service Foremost, Integrity &Dignity, Professional Team and Innovative Technology. These corporate values form our vision and serve as the highest guiding principles for the management of our Company.


Manufacturing Process

Production Line Progress Report Back to CPMS System

Step 1: Manufacturing Order Material Requisition
Step 2: Production Planning & Deployment
Step 3: Phased Material Feeding
Step 4: Assembly
Step 5: Assembly Self-inspection
Step 6: Inspection of Finished Product
Step 7: Break-in Before Leaving Factory
Step 8: Manufacturing Order Material Requisition

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