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Regular rigorous training of staff, compliance with the ISO certified service process.

Every spare part received by the factory is strictly tested.


Campro implements strict inspection and regulation on all materials provided by the supply chain. An incoming material inspection station carries out 100% quality control on all incoming materials using various high-precision testing instruments. An area for defective materials is also set up for there turn of substandard materials. In accordance with the standards stipulated in the design drawings, we conduct strict inspections in the aspects of dimensions tolerance, geometric precision, hardness, and surface treatment.


Quality Monitoring Process


During the production process, the basic scraping and assembly requirements shall be met. The precision of all finished products shall be in compliance with VDI3441 inspection standards. We also adopt CE safety standards in our inspection of every detail, to ensure that the environmental and staff safety requirements are met and every finished product guarantees the best machining performance.

Incoming Quality Inspection Formation
  • Precise Measurement

  • 3D Measurement

  • On-Site Measurement

Assembly & Testing of Vertical Machining Centers
  • Y / Z Verticality Correction

  • Spindle Deflection Inspection

  • Workbench Flatness Examination

  • T-slot Precision Examination

  • Triaxial Screw Adjustment

  • Fuel System Post-arrangement Testing

Assembly & Testing of Lathes
  • Tailstock Cutting Precision Inspection

  • Cutter Precision Inspection

  • Calibration of Spindle Center and Cutter Center

  • T-slot Precision Examination

  • Screw Precision Adjustment

  • Screw Pretension

Inspection of the Finished Product
  • Geometric Precision Inspection of Finished Product Machine Tool Positioning Precision Compensation Ball bar 2-Axis Synchronous Movement Compensation

  • Spindle Vibration Inspection

  • Cutting Correction for Finished Machine Tool

  • Precision & Cutting Parameter Adjustment

6 Points Of 100% Quality Commitment

  • Inspection Before Entering Assembly Line

  • 3D Measurement Test

  • VDI3441 Inspection Standard

  • Laser Inspection Before Shipment

  • Ball Bar Inspector Before Shipment

  • Test Run 48hr Shipment


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