NT-208Y Product Page
  • The NT-208Y is Campro’s highly flexible and profitable CNC Turning Center

  • High performance heavy duty box guideways, 30 Degree cast iron inclined bed to ensure quick chip evacuation.

  • Our NT-208Y series CNC Turning Center is based on a high quality cast iron bed for superior rigidity and anti-vibration characteristics.

  • 30 degree cast iron inclined bed ensures quick chip evacuation. The new CPMS (Campro Production Management System) represent the first step in smart manufacturing.



Working Area

Swing over bed: 26.74” Swing over cross slides:16.35” Maximum turning diameter: 15.74” Maximum turning length: 20.47”


Spindle Motor: 15 / 20 HP Maximum Speed: 4,200 RPM Hydraulic Chuck: 10” Spindle Nose: A2-6 Hole Through Draw Tube: 2.05”


Tooling style: BMT-55 Turret Type: 12 – Servo driven One Axial and one Radial BMT live holder included


X Axis Travel: 8.66” Y Axis Travel: 3.93” Z Axis Travel: 24.8” Rapid Traverse: 787 / 393 / 945 IPM


Quill Diameter: 3.15” Tailstock Travel: 1.81” Quill Travel: 4.72” Quill Taper: MT - #4


Floor Space Required (W X D): 151.14” X 76.77” Height: 70.28” Machine Weight: 9,150 LBS Standard Power Source: 205-235 Volts / 3 Phase / 60HZ Power Capacity Minimum: 57 Amps

* Machine specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice due to on-going innovation.

Control Specifications – Fanuc OiM-F Conversational Control
  • 8.4” color LCD screen Color graphics

  • Simultaneous Controlled Axis

  • Least input Increment on X and Z is .001 mm Least command increment on X and Z is .001mm Inch/Metric Conversion (G20/G21)

  • Interlock on All Axes Machine Lock on All Axes Emergency Stop

  • Stored Stroke Check 1, 2, 3, Mirror Image

  • Backlash Compensation

  • Unexpected disturbance torque detection Stored pitch compensation

  • Automatic Operation (Memory) MDI Operation

  • Search Function (Sequence, Program) Program restart

  • Dry Run Single Block Buffer Register

  • Manual Handle Interrupt

  • Manual Jog Feed (Rapid, Jog, Handle) Manual Handle Feed Rate (x1, x10, x100)

  • Feed Command (F Code Feedrate Direct Command) Feedrate Override 0-200% (10% Unit)

  • Jog feed 0-5,000 mm/min (197 ipm)

  • Rapid traverse override (F0, F25%, F50%, F100%) Override Cancel

  • Rapid Traverse Bell-Shaped Acceleration/Deceleration Block Skip

  • Exact Stop Mode / Exact Stop (G61/G09) Dwell (G04)

  • Helical Interpolation Threading/Synchronous Feed Manual Reference Point Return 1st Reference Point Return

  • G28 Reference Point Return Check

  • G27 2nd Reference Point Return

  • G30 3rd and 4th Reference Point Return


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